CodePen is by far one of the best communities and development tools available for those who code. Essentially, it is a playground for the front end web, where one can show off their latest creation and get feedback, build a test case for a pesky bug and/or find example design patterns and inspiration for a project. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a Job Board section and much, much more.

Once you arrive at the CodePen site, you will see a plethora of things you can check out (Fig.1). You can check out the CodePen Blog or browse Pens, Posts and Collections made by others. You can also create your own Pen without having an account, but if you want to save it and/or be able to embed it then you will need to sign up for a free account. There is a paid version of CodePen called “PRO” which takes things further with features like Collab Mode, that allows you to pair program in real time and Professor Mode for allowing a group of students to follow you as you teach code and chat with each other.

There are other web based code editors, but the community, features and overall experience provided by CodePen is hard to beat. I recommend taking 30 minutes out of your day and go play with CodePen.

CodePen Screenshot
CodePen home page
Fig.1 CodePen Home Page