is a time saving design tool to have in your toolbox for when you are prototyping. When designing, content is king, thus it is vital to have an inventory of the content for which we are designing for. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world and we often find ourselves not having the content in our possession when it’s time for us to start prototyping our designs. Fortunately for us, this is where tools like come to our rescue because it allows us easily generate responsive placeholders for image content.

Once you arrive at the site, you will be at the Features page (Fig.1). Here you can get a feel for some of the features available and see examples of how it works. To learn more about all the features has to offer and to dig deeper into how it works you will want to visit the Documentation page (Fig.2).

There are a few other picture fill generators out there you can use, but if you are not already using one or aren’t happy with the one you are using, then I would definitely give a shot. Screenshots features page
Fig.1 Features Page documentation page
Fig.2 Documentation Page